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Fashion Tour has created for you the Fashion Card, a Fidelity Card, which rewards the most loyal visitors with prizes and exclusive discounts!

How to request the Fashion Card?

At your first purchase will be automatically assigned you a Fidelity Card with a unique number that identifies the card. For your next purchase you have only to enter the card number in the online booking form and earn points and discounts!

The Fashion Card has an expiry date?

No, it hasn't. The maximum points you could earn are 300. If you reach 300 point you have to request the premium due. Once you reset the points you could use the same card to store new ones.

How much the Fashion Card cost?

It's absolutely free!

How does the Fashion Card works?

Earn points on your Fidelity Card and get exclusive discounts and prizes! Remember only to insert the number of your Fashion Card at every purchase in the online booking form and earn points and discounts! When you want to collect your prize or discount, simply notify us at time of booking by mail to info@fashion-tour.com or in the same online booking form.


The points:

5 points to all members of Facebook and Twitter

3 points to all the subscribers of the Newsletter

3 points for purchases of less than 100 € per person

4 points for purchases from 101 to 300 € per person

5 points for purchases from 301 to 500 € per person

6 points for purchases from 501 to 800 € per person

7 points for purchases from 801 to 1000 € per person

8 points for purchases from 1001 to 1500 € per person

9 points for purchases from 1501 to 2000 € per person

10 points for purchases over € 2000 per person

10 points for the first purchase of a friend

Example: you book an holiday for 3 people at a cost of 500 € per person: Total points on your Fidelity Card = 15

What are the premiums and discounts which gives me access the Fashion Card?

  • Access to exclusive offers you will not find on the website, sent via mail
  • 50 points: 3% discount on tourism and hotels
  • 100 points: a free lunch for 2 people
  • 150 points: 4% discount on package tours
  • 200 points: 5% discount on tourism and hotels
  • 300 points: 6% discount on package tours



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